4 Creative Ways To Exercise While On A Business Trip (from ZBest Limo)

4 Creative Ways to Exercise While On A Business Trip

Humans are creatures of habit. The typical adult sticks to a pretty regular schedule day to day. We wake up at the same time each morning knowing how long it takes us to get ready and out the door.

We leave for our job at the same time each day based on when your work day begins and the time it takes to get to work. We eat meals around the same time each day. Breakfast before or on the way to work, lunch around mid-day, and dinner around the same time each evening based on the time it takes to prepare meals and your family to gather around the table.

For many of us, we also work out around the same time each day as well. Some take an early morning run to get our blood flowing while others hit the gym after a busy work day to release tension and stress.

Sticking to a routine exercise regimen is one of the best ways to stay healthy, fit, and stress free. But what about those times when your normal schedule is thrown off entirely?

For many individuals our jobs include traveling, some more often than others. While the majority of hotels have in-house gym equipment, what can you do if your temporary home away from home does not? These 4 creative ways to exercise while on a business trip might help.

Exercise Your Body and Mind

When traveling for business, many times the events scheduled do not take personal health into consideration. Schedules are typically busy from morning to evening, so efficiency and time management are top priority in most cases.

However, this doesn’t mean that your daily exercise regimen has to be thrown out the window as soon as you arrive. Your mind is being engaged throughout your business trip, and your body should not be neglected.

1. Use the Hotel Gym

There are a variety of ways you can get in your daily exercise even if you are traveling the globe. The most convenient way to get your workout done is if your hotel has an in-house gym.

Typically, most hotels do have some type of gym equipment or workout material. An elliptical machine, treadmill, dumbbells and stationary bike are the typical pieces of equipment that hotels and motels have for guests to use. While these machines may not be what you use every day back home, they will provide you with an opportunity to get a workout in while on the road.

2. Go For a Swim

Another great way to exercise while on a business trip is by taking a swim in the hotel pool. Swimming is one of the best low-impact forms of exercise, so almost anyone, no matter their fitness level, can benefit. Most importantly, swimming is a fun way to get exercise. Make sure to check the hotel website before you leave home to make sure there is a pool on site.

No Gym? No Problem

While the majority of hotels have some type of gym and equipment in-house, not all of them do. This is where you have to get creative with your workout. Your hotel room is the perfect place for you to have your own private workout, and you don’t have to worry about anyone looking at you funny.

Using a bath towel to stretch your legs and arms is a great start. There is plenty of space for things like yoga, jumping jacks, pushups, kickboxing, and any other form of exercise you can think of. Pop in your favorite workout DVD and crank up your music.

After your workout, walk the outside perimeter of the hotel a few times. This will give you a chance to cool down from your workout while enjoying the local scenery. Most importantly, have fun with your workout; it doesn’t always have to feel like work.

3. Stay Active During the Day

If you feel as if you are not going to have the energy for a full workout after a day full of meetings and conferences, there is still the opportunity to get some exercise in while still in your suit. During your meeting “drop” your pen and stand up to get it. This gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and body.

Not only does it feel good to be up after sitting all day, but even that little bit of movement is a positive thing for your body.

You can also fit some easy exercise into your day by simply taking a walk. Whether you are walking to lunch rather than taking a taxi or walking around the conference room during breaks, walking is an easy form of exercise.

Staying fit does not have to be a chore; it can be fun and enjoyable. Whether you are at home or away on business, making time to work out should be a priority.


Image by Zorro2212 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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